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I’m a firm believer that God still speaks to His people today through dreams, just as He did in the Bible.  As a matter of fact, He even speaks in dreams to those who are not His people (who do not yet know Him as their God), just as He spoke to Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar in dreams.  God loves to use dream language as a way of contacting us with messages, and dreaming is a good time to reach us because our busy minds are at rest and we can hear more clearly from Him in our spirits.  The book of Job says,

For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction…(Job 33:14-16)

Chapter 33 of Job continues on with the different ways God deals with mankind (including through dreams, as stated above), and concludes,

Lo, all these things worketh God oftentimes with man…(Job 33:29)

The emphasis I’m making here is on the word “oftentimes.”  As Ira Milligan teaches in his book, The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Dreams You Dream, ¹ it implies that God speaks to us in dreams frequently rather than once or twice (if ever), in our lifetime. The “once” or “twice” mentioned in Job is referring to whether He gives us one dream on a matter, or doubles the dream.  Pharaoh had two dreams that, although possessing different subject matter, contained only one message God was relaying to him.  So did Joseph.  God might speak once on the matter, or He might speak twice.  Chances are, if He speaks twice or more on the matter, He is really trying to get His point across and we had better listen! With this said, then, I want to extrapolate on how my stage name, Georgia Plume, came about.

Suffice it to say that God gives us a dream language, and although He can speak to us through literal dreams that need no interpretation (or in some cases, very little interpretation), He also chooses to speak to us in symbolism so that we will seek Him more closely to search out what He is trying to reveal to us. The Lord Jesus used symbolism when He spoke parables to the people, knowing that the spiritually minded would perceive what He was saying.  The book of Proverbs refers to this method of speaking as “dark sayings.”

I will open my mouth in a parable: I will utter dark sayings of old…(Psa 78:2)

The word dark in Hebrew means: a puzzle, parable, conundrum, riddle.  The prophets who spoke of things that would happen far into the future, especially where messianic fulfillment is concerned, are examples of those who uttered dark sayings of old.  These sayings were not clearly understood at the time, but were hidden until God brought revelation to His people of what they meant—sometimes as much as hundreds of years later or more. Take, for instance, the book of Isaiah the prophet, chapter 53.  The entire chapter speaks of the Messiah dying for the sins of the people like a lamb brought to the slaughter (depicting the true meaning of the sacrificial, paschal lamb who was a mere symbol of what Yeshua ha Massiach (Jesus the Messiah) would do for His people).  This dark saying, or prophecy concerning Him, was written some 800 or so years before He came on the scene and fulfilled it.  When God speaks to us today in dreams, His often “dark sayings” are meant for us to search out and discover.  He gives us our own dream language, and it can even be something different for each of us depending on our culture and environment.  For instance, to Joseph, God gave dreams of sheaves of wheat, and celestial bodies (sun, moon, stars). These were things that the shepherd Joseph was familiar with. They were a normal part of his world.  To Nebuchadnezzar, God gave a dream of a gold, silver and brass statue. Nebuchadnezzar was a pagan king who was surrounded with precious metals, and very familiar with statues (or images).  He had even commanded one to be made for his whole kingdom to bow down and worship.  God spoke to each of these men with their own dream vocabulary.  There are many good Christian books written about dreams and dream interpretation. These are not “occult” or “New Age,” as some suspect.  Rather, they teach on a biblical method God uses to communicate to people—a method that has been around for thousands of years.  Remember, everything God has, Satan counterfeits. Dreams are a valid way to hear from God, and are taken quite seriously in other parts of the world.  The problem is, our Western mindset has passed off dreams as “figments of our imagination,” or “a result of eating too much ice cream before bed.”  Though not every dream is from God (some can come from the enemy Satan, or from our own spirits—pizza dreams containing a little of this and that as the subconscious mind releases all of the past two months’ activity and makes its own movie out of it—),still,² dreams are something that should not be discarded as spam.  Otherwise, we could throw away vital messages God is relaying to us, or precious love letters from Him.  Okay, enough said on the matter.  Now I will get to the crux of what I wanted to share, which is: the story of Georgia Plume.  Oh yeah, I was supposed to get to this story awhile ago, wasn’t I? Well, I’ve succeeded in keeping you in suspense!

Not too long ago, over the course of about a year, I had so many dreams about music that it was amazing.  I dreamed of me singing and playing my keyboard in many different scenarios, as well as dreams that just related to music in general, but always with me as the main focal point.  During this time, I was also being launched out into spontaneous singing in front of church groups. This vocal spontaneity was initiated by my husband, much to my utter horror.  He would say God told him that I had a song, and the very first time he heard God speak this to him, he actually announced it to the whole church without my knowledge of it.

“Uh, may I have your attention please?! My wife has a song to sing.”


I was then coaxed by the congregation to get up and sing free- flow, spontaneous words that I had absolutely no knowledge of until I opened my mouth.  Wow! What an ordeal for me! But as time went on, I got used to this, and people were blessed by it.  I found myself desiring to do it more and more because it became quite enjoyable after I gained practice at it.

But although God conquered my fear of public singing, I still insisted I would only play my keyboard in my bedroom/studio where no one was listening except Him.  I never learned piano by taking lessons, so I lacked the confidence to play in front of people for this reason.  Therefore, I would sing and play spontaneously in the privacy of my own home, and then mix the songs down on a recording program and use them for our YouTube preaching videos or something.

Pretty soon, however, as I stated earlier, I began to have the keyboard dreams.  I had many of them, and I started recording them all on an Android program (I was too lazy to write them down and it was easier to speak into the microphone while they were fresh in my mind).  I would then go back from time to time and listen to the recorded dreams to try and figure out what God was saying to me.  I knew He had to be saying something, but what? Well, after one night of listening to all the dreams over again in prayerful meditation, I noticed they had a common thread.  First, namely, that I was playing the keyboard in public (or told by someone in the dreams to play the keyboard in public), and second, that Heaven was assisting me in this task. How do I know Heaven was assisting me? Because I dreamed of a “hand from the sky” hovering over my keyboard, or a black mixing box “above” my keyboard.  The dream that I will refer to as the “commissioning dream” was the final icing on the cake. Once I received revelation on its symbolism, I was convinced that God no longer wanted me to hide in my bedroom; He was calling me to face my fears and win so He could use me to fulfill His purposes through music.

The Commissioning Dream: A New Name

The dream was odd.  Admittedly, I have a lot of odd dreams, as I’m sure many (if not most) people do.  In the dream, I approached a glass display counter in what looked to be a music club. Above the counter hung a red light bulb.  The woman behind the counter (appearing to be in her twenties or thirties with long, brown hair), handed me an album (yes, an archaic record album).  I was buying the record album.  She told me the price was five hundred dollars.  I was astounded.

“Five hundred dollars?!” I asked.

I was thinking more along the lines of thirteen or fifteen dollars.

“Well it goes for five hundred dollars,” she explained, “but we’re selling it for three hundred dollars.”

The name on the album cover read: PLUME.  Now, I will tell you at this point that I never heard of a band named Plume, but have discovered after researching the name that there are a few bands either named Plume or Plume something or other. So at first glance, I thought this was another one of my prophetically weird dreams that I have about famous people (musicians, actors, etc.) The reason I call these dreams “prophetically weird” is because you must first understand that I rarely follow anything that Hollywood actors/actresses or secular musicians do.  I used to keep up on more of that stuff in my past (before coming to Christ), but now I don’t, except for the occasional headlines that flash across our Comcast email page or something that happens to catch my attention.  It’s not that these people aren’t highly talented, smart and creative, but it’s because as a Christian, I’m careful about what I allow my human spirit to absorb.  I want to view or listen to only what will edify me in my spiritual walk with Jesus, rather than fill my mind with poison that I will have to filter out afterward.  Anyway, regardless of the fact that I seldom keep up on anything going on in Hollywood or the music industry, I have dreams every now and then about famous people, and I guess you could say these dreams are prophetic in nature.  For instance, I dreamed one celebrity had a Jewish wife (I won’t mention names here), and another was interacting with Jews. I had no previous knowledge of such things before dreaming them.  Then I Googled the info I dreamed, and found that yes, the celebrity had just married a Jew, and the other musician was about to tour Israel.  Why God chooses to reveal these things to me is puzzling.  The only reason I can come up with is, so I can pray for these people and situations.

Okay… when I dreamed of the PLUME name on the record cover and then Googled it afterward to discover it was an actual band (or bands), I wondered if God wanted me to pray for these Plume people or something.  But let me go on with the rest of the dream, for that was not the case.

I stood there at the sales counter after hearing of the outrageous price charged for the album, and then opened the cover up (it was one of those covers that unfold like a book).  I saw inserts stuffed inside–charts or sections (like the ones that appear in my real life recording program I use to mix my songs).  Next, the lady handed me a black box.

“This goes with it,” she told me.

“Oh, it comes with a mixing box? That’s cool that it comes with a mixing box.”

Now my disgust for the record price turned into satisfaction. At this point, I noticed a man standing behind me, off to the side, watching me purchase the album.  He was maybe in his mid thirties, with a black leather jacket and short GQ hair (I don’t know how to explain it—a stylish but not outlandish cut.  I think his hair was blond in color).  I became aware that the album was his album—like he was the musician behind it.  When I finished buying it, I walked over to talk with him. Suddenly I saw nothing but a vision of a postal envelope (regular sized), addressed to a female named GEORGIA something or other (I didn’t catch the last name, as it wasn’t revealed at the time).  I got the distinct feeling that the man was connected with the letter—that it was for him.  I stared at him and asked,

“Are you a girl dressed like a guy?”

After all, he didn’t look like Georgia.  Rather than be offended at my candid question, he simply stated,


Then it seemed maybe I asked him how come the letter belonged to him when he was not a female, but I woke up from the dream before I could get an answer.

Suffice it to say, this dream puzzled me for a few months.  Then one night as I was praying to God about my music, and about all the dreams I’d had concerning playing my keyboard, I decided to listen to the recording of this particular dream again.  When I did so, immediately the interpretation began trickling into my mind little by little, until, much like a puzzle, every symbolic piece fit.

The music club: As Jesus stated when he told his parable of the sower and the field, the field is the world where his Word is sown in the hearts of men and women.  So it is with the music club: it represents the world, where my music will be heard and where I testify the gospel (or sow his Word through song).  Also it is interesting to note that clubs usually involve dancing, and dance is often equated with prophetic worship in the Bible, so in this aspect the club could represent my part in bringing prophetic worship to the world scene.  The music club was a night club, and night represents spiritual darkness.  The Bible states that Christians used to be children of the Night, but now they are children of the Light.

The glass counter: Glass is something we look through or see into or out of, indicating prophetic vision or seer anointing, and also contemplation on Jesus since we behold as in a glass (or in our spirit) the glory of the Lord, and are changed into His image…(2Corinthians 3:18).  Also, a display counter is where things are on display, which could signify that I would be on display with my keyboard, rather than hidden away in my room.

Red light: The counter the woman was working behind had a red light hanging over it.  Though red lights were once used to indicate brothels where prostitutes resided, they have come to be associated with the punk rock/gothic club scene in general. However, I don’t sense this is what it meant in the dream.   I believe the light was red in color to symbolize the blood of Jesus, as he is the Light of the world and through his blood, we are washed from our sins.

The record (or re-cord, indicating a recording) album sold for five hundred dollars.  Five in biblical numerology (yes, God uses numerology in the Holy Bible for a reason) can mean work, or ministry (the five-fold ministry as indicated in the book of Ephesians), and hundred is used to indicate multiplying (hundredfold).  I bought the album for three hundred dollars. The number three can symbolize the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), and also witness (in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word will be established…Matthew 18:16).  Three can also mean resurrection, as the Lord Jesus rose from the dead after three days.  So the woman at the counter told me, “It [the album] goes for five hundred dollars, but we’re selling it for three hundred dollars.”  This can indicate that although I could obtain the album (or recording) by my own works (religious ministry void of spiritual inspiration), the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit will help me purchase the album, which comes with a mixing box and a recording program.  Also, it could indicate that I will not be buying a worldly sound (that of my own wisdom), as I once did in my past when I performed in dark bands and received my inspiration from Satan, but I will be buying a heavenly recording that will produce, or multiply, in the earth.

The woman behind the counter: Perhaps she stands for wisdom, which is personified as a “she” in Proverbs.  Also, she could indicate a female angel.  Though scripturally, only two male angels are mentioned by name in the entire Bible, it is possible that since there are angels innumerable, and God created male and female in His image, He could have created female angels as well.

The man: But who is the mysterious man standing nearby? In my dream, I just “know” the album is really his album.  The album cover reads: PLUME.  A plume is a feather (such as angels have, and thus for me, indicates angelic activity or angelic intervention).  Also, a plume is an instrument used for writing messages (like in days gone by). After walking over to the man, I then see a vision of an envelope, or letter, addressed to Georgia, but again I just “know” that the letter is going to him. Yet, he is not a woman, so how can he be Georgia? The interpretation is: the letter is coming from the realm of Heaven (from the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit), and going first to the man (who is an angel), then coming to me (I’m the woman Georgia).  The angel is delivering the letter (or message from God) to me, and as I download it/process it/mix it, I then sing it to the world.  In essence, the angel, whom I will refer to as Plume, is influencing my musical talent by delivering messages to me as he hears them from the Lord. So I am Georgia. Why am I Georgia?

The name Georgia means earth worker.  I am a sower in the earth.  I am God’s worker, His minister.  And since the record album belongs to Plume (his name was on it in the dream), I decided that my full name should be Georgia Plume.  We  (the angel and I) are partners for God! Interestingly, angels are highly musical.  In the Bible, they are reported to surround God’s throne, singing praises.  They also appeared to the shepherds and announced (by singing), the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ/Yeshua ha Massiach. Furthermore Lucifer, a beautiful, high ranking angel who rebelled against God and became His adversary (Satan), has music built into his garment: tabrets (rhythm) and pipes (woodwinds).  Scripture also refers to the “noise of his viols,” or musical instruments…perhaps lyres, psalteries, or some sort of skin bags. This is how Yahweh created him, and he was a choir leader in Heaven.  As a musical cherub, even after his fall, he still has an anointing over music, though now it is corrupt and evil (Ezekiel 28:13-17/Isaiah 14:11-19).

Thus ends the story of Georgia Plume.  An amazing one, but it has proven to be true, as I perform spontaneous downloads from Heaven for God’s glory.  Oh yeah, and I really did end up leaving the comfort zone of my bedroom studio by playing live at two churches several times.  Currently, I perform a spontaneous devotional at OHOP (Orlando House of Prayer).  All praise be to Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord of Lords.  He has fulfilled His Word in doing “exceeding abundantly above all I could ask or think, according to His power at work within me (Ephesians 3:20).

So…what is God saying to you in your dreams?


Update: Since taking on the name GEORGIA PLUME, interestingly enough, someone else recently emerged with the same name on SoundCloud. I discovered that Georgia Plume is also a very rare tree, but this was not the meaning I received in my dream, especially since I combined the name Georgia to the name Plume before ever having knowledge of the tree.


copyright 2014/2016 Paula Gilbert


¹ Ira Milligan; The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Dreams You Dream; copyright 2012; Destiny Image Publishers

² Ira Milligan; The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Dreams You Dream; copyright 2012; Destiny Image Publishers